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CNG methane pump Belgrade

Compressed natural gas (CNG) or Methane is the most promising fossil fuel - not only because of the existing natural reserves and a very reasonable price, but also from an ecological point of view. As the problem of pollution as a result of urban traffic grows around the world, CNG is a rational choice and fuel for motor vehicles from an environmental and economic point of view. In developed countries, CNG sales are growing rapidly, especially when in cities where alternative forms of transport such as metro and high-speed trams are not developed.

Due to numerous established advantages and benefits, CNG is most often used by: utility and delivery vehicles, public transport vehicles, ambulances, taxis, tourist vehicles, so-called internal transport vehicles (eg forklifts), etc.

What are the advantages of using CNG (methane) as a fuel for motor vehicles?

In which locations does CryoGas offer the purchase of CNG (Methane)?

Our CNG or methane pumps are located in the following locations in Serbia: