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CNG (Methane)

CNG (compressed natural gas - Methane)

CNG as a fuel for motor vehicles



BC Zemun - Železnička bb, Belgrade (industrial Zone zmaj) map

BC Čukarica-Ibarski put br.60, Belgrade (Orlovača loop) map

BC Palilula-Dragoslava Srejovića 1, Belgrade map

BC Subotica-Đorđa Natoševića bb, Subotica map

BC Indjija- Save Kovacevica bb, Indjija map

BC Stara Pazova- Svetosavska 213, Novi Banovci map

BC Petrovaradin - Karlovački drum 3b, Petrovaradin, Novi Sad map

Commissioning in 2023: BC Smederevo and BC Sremska Mitrovica.


Compressed natural gas (CNG) can be said to be the most promising fossil fuel - not only because of the existing natural reserves and a very reasonable price, but also from an ecological point of view.

As the problem of urban pollution in densely populated areas grows around the world, CNG is a rational fuel option for motor vehicles from an environmental and economic point of view, which is applied in many cities, especially when other alternative forms of transport such as metro are not developed. and high-speed trams.

Due to numerous established advantages and benefits, CNG is most often used by: MUNICIPAL and DELIVERY VEHICLES, URBAN TRANSPORT VEHICLES, EMERGENCY VEHICLES, TAXI VEHICLES, TOURIST, so-called. DOMESTIC TRANSPORT VEHICLES (eg forklifts), etc.

In 2007, CryoGas put into operation a commercial station for filling vehicles with compressed natural gas in Belgrade and also the first in Serbia.

Currently, Cryogas distributes CNG through its own network of supply stations, namely: 3 in Belgrade (Zemun, Palilula and Čukarica), 1 in Subotica, 1 in Inđija, 1 in Stara Pazova and 1 in Petrovaradin. In 2023, it is planned to put into operation stations in Smederevo and Sremska Mitrovica. One of Cryogas' primary development goals is to invest in expanding its CNG distribution network.

Vehicles with a factory-installed natural gas installation are recommended as the most reliable system. Within the Palilula CryoGas business center, there is a service for integrating CNG and LPG equipment into vehicles.

CNG for industrial consumption

CNG, as an efficient energy source in every respect, can supply consumers not covered by the gas pipeline network.

Cryogas provides its customers with complete technical and logistical support: appropriate packaging, bottles, batteries and trailers, as well as the design and installation of CNG substations.

CryoGas is able to offer superior conditions for the supply of this energy source, which in terms of economic, technical and environmental characteristics is the best substitute for Bhutan, fuel oil and other conventional energy sources. Supply and distribution are done through trailers, bottled batteries and individual bottles - in which natural gas is filled, purified and compressed in our filling stations.

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