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Liquefied petroleum gas

CryoGas distributes LPG (autogas) at two gas stations: BC Subotica and BC Cukarica.

Propane butane bottles are sold at all CryoGas business centers.

In Belgrade, at our business center Palilula, there is a car service for installation and maintenance of gas appliances.

What you need to know about LPG:

LPG is a type of fossil fuel and is obtained as a secondary product of oil or natural gas refining.

Due to its favorable characteristics, LPG has a very wide application as a fuel for households, in industry, in agriculture and as a fuel for internal combustion engines.

From the ecological point of view, LPG is considered a very suitable fuel, with better characteristics than all petroleum products.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), better known in the world by its acronym: LPG (Liquiefied Petroleum Gas) - is a mixture of Propane and Bhutan, which is stored at elevated pressure, so that both, under normal conditions, the gaseous components are in a liquid state.

LPG is referred to in everyday speech as propane-butane. When it is intended for household use, it is called simply: gas, or gas, and when it is used as a fuel for cars - the name is used: autogas.


Pure propane, as a consequence of its higher volatility, is used as an efficient energy source (especially in winter conditions) and as an industrial gas for cutting metals.

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