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The engineering and technical gas production company KryoGasd.o.o. has been operating under this name since July 5, 1996, when it started its business activity by commissioning theoxygen and carbon dioxide filling plants.

The activities of the company are engineering, production, and sale of: technical gases, CNG, methane,LPG, and liquid fuels.

Company information:

Main directions of development » CNG • Technical gases • LPG • LNG (project in progress)

KRYOGAS d.o.o., known in our country as one of the five most eminent manufacturers and suppliers of technical gases has, in the past decade, made significant investments in the development of a complete energy program, which presently implies the following assortment:

In defining its own growth and development through the CryoGas–System, special emphasis is placed on compressed natural gas (methane): CNG! Working with CNG has become a priority of the company which soon invested significant funds in the construction of its first CNG stations, which were at the same time the first CNG stations in Serbia. For several years now, CryoGas regularly supplies eminent domestic consumers (in transportation and industry) with CNG of Russian origin and quality. Such company commitment clearly speaks about its innovativeness and focus on the near future, of its willingness to take steps to create the future through determining the priorities and implementing them in practice!

The growing trend in natural gas consumption in Serbia is quite understandable, given the clear direction in which Europe is headed – when it comes to energy resources (use and supply sources). The real benefits of using CNG will soon become apparent, bearing in mind the recent and, at present, very certain ban on the use of conventional fuels, primarily – diesel: the use of vehicles that run on diesel in public transportation is banned in most European countries, and the number of countriesintroducing such regulations is constantly on the rise. It is certain that, in the EU, the ban on entering urban areas will soon enter into force for all passenger vehicles running on diesel-fuel.

As we often proudly state: CryoGas was the first in Serbia to start the construction of CNG filling stations for vehicles, and we are currently distributing CNG through our own supply stations: 3 in Belgrade (Novi Beograd, Palilula and Čukarica) and 1 in Subotica. At the same time, we are also making further investments in the expansion of our network on the territory of Serbia (stations in Inđija, Novi Pazar, Zaječar, Užice, Leskovac, etc. are planned for the near future). All bigger cities in Serbia have such stations nowadays (currently there are 15) and their number is steadily increasing (!) –which is a very good and useful indicator for all present and future CNG consumers.

Bearing in mind the complex consumer needs – we are always ready to provide our customers with CNG through quality supply conditions, with the tendency to bring certain improvements to their existing economy and manner of functioning. In doing so, we are not implying simply the complete (technical and logistical) support during the potential reorientation towards the consumption of natural gas, but other benefits which customers can obtain for themselves by establishing a long-term cooperation with our company as well (e.g.spacious parking spaces in the peripheral areas of Belgrade and Novi Pazar; CryoGas – payment cards with privileged payment terms, etc.)!

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